Often, as we age, our ability to drive safely is diminished, making it impossible to complete tasks outside of the home. Preserving the ability to get out of the home, continue to participate in social functions, and complete routine errands is extremely important to a senior’s overall health and psychological well-being. A home care plan with Advantage Pointe Home Care can help with this situation. Caregivers are able to provide transportation or complete errands on behalf of the client. Caregivers can drive their own car, or a car belonging to the client. A driving record check is part of our extensive screening process, so you can rest assured you or your loved one will be safe. During a scheduled shift, Caregivers can help with the following:

  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments – accompany client inside, wait with them, take them home.
  • Run errands with client or on behalf of client.
  • Take client to routine appointments (hair, nails, dentist, etc.)
  • Accompany client on a social outing (lunch, movie, etc.)

To find out more about how Advantage Pointe Home Care can help with transportation, please call today!

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