Hoyer Transfers

A Hoyer Lift is a brand of patient lift that has become a generalized term used in conversation – much like other trademarked brands like Frisbee, Thermos, and Escalator. Many professional caregivers are quick to recommend a Hoyer Lift, when in fact they could be referencing a number of patient/client lift systems available and that could be made by other manufacturers besides Hoyer. Before recommending a Hoyer lift for patient/client transfers, it’s important to fully understand the challenges of using this type of equipment, and more importantly, why an overhead ceiling lift is a better solution.

What is a Hoyer Lift?

A Hoyer Lift is a mobile floor lift system that rolls on wheels and is intended to help lift, suspend and transfer a medically dependent person from a bed, toilet, bathtub, shower or a wheelchair. These lifts are commonly used in hospitals, physical therapy centers, schools, and even in a home, and have been the standard for the past two decades. It spares a caregiver’s back from having to manually lift a person. The Hoyer does all the heavy lifting.

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