Bathing and Dressing

Several factors may impede our ability to effectively care for ourselves as we get older. A loss of dexterity may make simple things like brushing one’s hair difficult. Arthritis in the hands can make buttoning a shirt a painful task. We may even forget specific basics of hygiene if we suffer from dementia. In turn, not being able to accomplish these tasks affects our ability to remain independent, and can even lower our level of self-esteem.

Having a caregiver to perform these tasks on a regular or even semi-regular basis can bring a huge relief to some elderly. Helping to dress a client can allow him or her to leave the house, to join in activities that bring joy to a normally quiet week. Assistance with a warm bath can elevate the mood, improving one’s sleep and overall level of comfort. Independence, dignity, comfort – these should all be key areas of focus when thinking about whether or not you or your loved one needs in-home care.

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